8 Month Blogging Mark Check-In

Entering my 8th month of blogging, I'm feeling a need to redefine/define more clearly the direction and focus of my posts for the coming year. Here's to that.


Hello? It’s Your Garden Plant Knocking

"Plants speak if only we listen." I've heard tell of this over and over, read about it, wondered about it, but usually passed right by as too much of a skeptic to pay attention and practice the listening. To try and listen to plants in today's world, speak back, expect real information to come through other than what my imagination could conjure up...

How to create a skeletal outline for your book

My sister wants to write a book. I've never written a book.. yet, but I do have over 100 blog topics and series ready and waiting for me to write up and publish. She wanted to know what my process was for setting up an outline like that, and so I'll do what I'm coming to appreciate as a favorite hobby by now; I'll lay out the process via post. Shaina, this one's for you.