Radical Life Experiments

100 Days of Hammock Sleeping

The Experiment: 100  Days of Sleeping in a Hammock


Thousands of people all across Central and South America have been using hammocks to sleep in instead of beds for centuries. Perhaps they know something I don’t. Plus I’ve got insomnia and I’ll try just about anything at this point.


  • Get a hammock you won’t topple out of, one that won’t dig into your skin or leave marks on your body; i.e. one without bars across the top and bottom, and that’s made of soft breathable material. Make sure it can hold your weight as well. I recommend a Mayan or Brazilian hammock, and myself chose an XL cotton Brazilian one.
  • Set a time period for your experiment. (I decided on 100 days.)
  • Hang your hammock correctly. I found the best lay was achieved with my foot end hung maybe half a foot or so higher than the head end. Give it a good sag and see that it lies a comfortable distance from the floor.
  • Make sure you’re sleeping properly. There’s a right and a wrong way to sleep in hammocks so I’ve discovered. The proper way would be at a 30 degree angle across the hammock which helps you get that sweet spot, in other words- a flat lay where the tension of the hammock disappears and it wraps around you like a cloud. Optionally you can prop your knees up slightly with a small pillow, which adds to comfort levels.

What happened?  

It was two years before this experiment finally came to a close due to impending travel plans and the resulting impermanence of a bedroom situation that would follow. But WOW I cannot wait to get back to my hammock bed again. Sleeping in it, benefitting from the zero pressure-point zone it created, the slight elevation of my head…my health and clarity of mind picked up incredibly. My insomnia dissipated. My body stopped aching. The rocking of the hammock always seemed to lull the two sides of my brain into a trance and would put me out in just a few short minutes. The quality of my sleep rose, I slept longer, I slept deeper. And I woke up floating on a cloud of relaxation. Who doesn’t want to wake up on a cloud?


Unconventional? I think yes. Insomnia? Sleepless and uncomfortable nights? I think not.





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