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Orgasmic birth taught me that

We all get into weird YouTube viewing every now and again. From that laugh I can tell I’m not alone on this. So it was, after hearing about orgasmic birth I ventured to the online for more information on this miracle.

Viewing documentary after interview after testimony, there was one woman’s words that hit deep down inside.

She was describing how, during contractions, there was always a moment; a moment when she could feel the contraction about to tip over into pain. It was that moment where this choice presented itself. She would either resist and it would subsequently turn to pain, or she could go completely against instinct and relax; accept what was happening as simple sensation in her body.

It was this choice, choosing acceptance over resistance and allowing the sensations to follow their course, that allowed her body and birth to produce the wonderful results that followed.

Hearing this woman’s testimony clicked something amazing into place for me. What she was saying applies not only to childbirth, but to any and all pain we may suffer in this lifetime.

First of all recognizing that nothing in this world ever comes alone. Everything comes with an equal and opposite force. Everything. With her it was childbirth, the intense pain of it, and equally intense pleasure that was possible to achieve through it too. With you, it may be sadness, heartbreak, a broken leg, or any different possible brand of pain. The first thing to remember is that the depth of your discomfort and pain will without exception have its equal partner of possible joy and pleasure in that very same moment.

As with this woman’s childbirth, we have the capacity to transform all our pain into pleasure, our sadness into joy.

It’s that moment we come to, the moment she described where we usually go up in arms, fighting and resisting and not wanting to be there, trying to force our way out somehow…it’s that very moment where transformation can take place. The resistance itself is the pain. Let me repeat that; the resistance itself is what triggers our brains to translate what we’re experiencing as pain.

It’s so basic. If we stop resisting, relax and invite the feeling in, we make that subtle shift to translating things as simple sensations that we’re experiencing. We then get to sit back and watch the magic that invariably follows. Want magic? Find acceptance. Step back and allow.

May we all be blessed to truly internalize this teaching and accept each moment as it is, in turn tapping into our innate ability to transform these moments into the pure bliss and joy this life wishes to offer us.




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