A Minimalism Mini-Series; Introduction (and handy post navigation)

With spring-cleaning about to hit hard, I’m going to dedicate a few posts toward helping you utilize this time and effort in a way that can help clean and organize not only your physical space, but your mental and emotional clutter as well. I’ll do this through sharing  the concept of minimalism in the various ways that I’ve utilized it.


First things first:

What is minimalism?

Joshua Becker says it best when he writes “Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it.” Simplicity. It’s hanging on to what matters to you and weeding out what doesn’t, what no longer serves you. It’s a united life.


What can minimalism do for me?

11 things off the top of my head;

Benefits of minimalism:

  1. More time,
  2. energy,
  3. freedom,
  4. and money.
  5. More space and order.
  6. Own higher quality things- quality over quantity.
  7. Keep track of those things and find them more easily.
  8. Less stress. More room to breathe.
  9. Let go of the past. Be more present.
  10. More of what you do want, less of what you don’t. You have room to follow your passions and do work you love. There’s space for your dreams to unfold. There’s room to invest in what’s meaningful to you.
  11. The things that you value most will have a chance to take precedence in your life.


Do I have to be a minimalist to utilize minimalism?

You most definitely do not. Nobody’s asking for ‘minimalist’ credentials or commitments here. Minimalism comes in as many flavors as there are people in the world, so what it looks like for you will be unique to you. Any person wanting to embrace the practices will be able to benefit from its utilization.


Over the next chunk of posts, we’ll explore the  following content together:

  1. Getting rid of half my stuff; why on earth and how?
  2. Second sweep; 6 months in boxes
  3. Digitalizing my life + Cleaning up digital clutter
  4. Project 333
  5. 100 items challenge; what my round-the-world, all-season, extreme minimalist wardrobe looks like
  6. A last word; minimalism in other parts of our lives


Resources that helped my own minimalism journey:

The Thriving Minimalist on YouTube (who has since had a name change to Conor McMillen Artist), The Minimalists; a duo named Joshua and Ryan, and Becoming Minimalist; a blog by Joshua Becker. These have been the three most influential sources of inspiration for me and I definitely recommend checking them out. Zen Habits by Leo Babauta has also been a great resource. They all have wonderful content that has continually encouraged, pushed, and gotten me excited to continue deepening my explorations of the minimalism realm.


To conclude:

Welcome to the journey! I look forward to sharing my explorations with you and hearing how minimalism affects and changes/has changed you and your life.


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