Plant Medicine/Foraging

Eat Your Lawn

Human nature dictates we see ourselves as separate. Separate beings, entities, individuals… always working to assert and reaffirm our independence and individuality.

On the other end there’s so much talk about unification, the all-one consciousness, the higher self, THE FREAKING ONE-NESS MAN. Dontcha see it bro? It’s that level, you feelin my vibe? Where you’re you and I’m you and you’re me and I’m me and I an I prevaillll.

All that new-age jazz.

Putting eye-rolling-eye-brow-raising-are-you-for-real-now?? c’mon-stop-being-so-daisy-dove-flower-child-on-me-and-hit-earth-again to rest for a moment.

I’m suggesting a look at that same eye-roll-inducing new-age hippie talk in a slightly more grounded fashion.

What if I were to say that you and the earth, although seemingly dramatically different in your physical manifestations, are not actually separate organisms? That you’re one and the same consciousness, separate only in your different functions in the evolution and self-recognition of this same great body of consciousness, and that the illusion of this separation itself wasn’t so difficult to see through if you wanted to?

Allow me to elaborate.

This idea was brought to my attention at the beginning of spring and how potent it turned out to be; the idea of how us and the earth are truly one massive entity that we disillusion ourselves into seeing as otherwise.

And since that’s the way it is, the things we and our bodies need to repair and stay balanced and healthy will always start to show up and grow around the places we dwell in order to help heal itself/us.

That the earth provides us with wild medicines growing everywhere.

When I first heard this idea, I had a hard time wrapping my mind around it. But I took note.

Local Mountainside
It’s beautiful, but could this landscape actually provide tailor-made medicine for me, Rut Brocha?

That was the beginning of this season. I kept the idea simmering on low in the back of my mind.

Time passed.

My little head secretary kept taking notes.

Spring is now in high swing and I’ve come to the conclusion that a truer sentiment has never yet been spoken to me about this earth than the one above.

At first I’d looked around my garden. Tipped off about the wild chickweed growing in abundance there, I googled its properties; loaded with vitamins and nutrients my body had been asking for, used to detox and said to help regulate women’s moon-time bleeding of which mine in fact had been irregular lately come to think of it.

Still. Coincidences have happened before. Maybe chickweed is just what grows around here early springtime.

Oooowww!! My ankle bit as it brushed by one of the hundreds of little plants that had begun to creep in and subsequently take over a massive portion of garden space. Stinging nettle. Nasty rashes those buggers gave. Google, my friend, what say you to THEM?

Hmm. Anti-inflammatory, natural allergy relief, good for the adrenals… good for the adrenals? No way. Adrenal fatigue is something I needed help sorting.

Next to pop up were fields and fields of chamomile on the mountainside, touting benefits of lowering stress levels and regulating sleep. First had come wild mustard, with its myriad of vitamins and nutrients and ability to help prevent free-radical formation. Now wild oats covered the place, wild oat straw holding bio-available nutrients and again another remedy (and one of the best) for nervous system weakness associated with overwork or emotional trauma, and for easing anxiety. ALL THINGS I’D BEEN NEEDING!

So is this more strange coincidences or is this thing for real? Is the earth actually caring for me in real time here? It knows about me somehow??

Quite so. [And by the by, coincidences don’t actually exist. That’s what’s called Greater Consciousness and the law of attraction at work.]

What I’m sharing here is that you and Mother Earth are the same entity, awareness, and being. Parts of the same whole. One and the same baby.

And once my eyes were opened to this reality, the discoveries only continued to multiply!

Foraging on the mountainside with my beautiful medicine healer soul sister Mia yesterday, we came across wild wheat grasses (wheatgrass shots anyone?), the hugest patch of milk thistles ready to have their seeds plucked, zaatar to turn into spice, young almonds growing on a nearby tree, and wild cactus pads snipped off a roadside plant.


The list goes on! Soon to ripen will be mulberry trees- found EVERYWHERE around here if you’re looking. There’s wild mallow and garlic, beautiful sage, and pine pollen in early spring. Later on comes peppercorn and all kinds of lovely seeds and spices, hawthorn berries… it’s a magical never-ending exploration and adventure.

Wild medicine grows all around us. Your lawn, if any of it is wild, is almost certainly covered in countless edibles. The more I forage and learn about and from the plants themselves, the more my eyes open to seeing how the hillsides and greenery around us are not barren as they may sometimes seem, but are rather abundantly stocked chock full of just about everything we could possibly need to stay healthy, happy, and strong.

I do believe that moving forward into a better world requires us opening our eyes and changing our thinking in this way. To recognize the care she gives, take advantage of earth’s offerings, and give thanks to Mother Nature for her love. It goes without saying to offer gratitude and healing in return. Treat her with dignity, respect, and the same level of love and care that no matter how much we’ve abused her, she still shows us.

Look around. Educate yourself. And of course- get outside and eat your lawn yo! It’s good for you!


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