Recognizing Preciousness

Sometimes when we lose something, we’re finally able to fully feel just how precious it truly is.

A few days ago I was out on the mountainside with my sweet baby puppy, Jasmine. As usual, she dashed back and forth, rummaging here and there as puppies will. When suddenly she dashed off and disappeared. She wouldn’t come when I whistled. She wasn’t in any of her favorite spots. She was just gone.

Myself, my partner, and some friends of ours scoured the mountainside for four hours in the dark (she’d gone missing around sunset) before we found her stuck on a rooftop, apparently scared there off the main path as she tried to find her way home.

What an absolute relief to hold her in my arms again.

Reflecting on the experience, I identified deeply with the following…


There’s a teaching brought down from the great sages Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag (also known as the Ba’al Hasulam) and Rabbi Nachman of Breslov:


Sometimes the value of something is much greater than the desire a person has for it. Therefore, God will create a situation to raise the person’s desire to match the actual value of the desired item.


Puppy going missing left me with that exact feeling. Her preciousness and value in my life was starkly recognized as I faced the possibility of her disappearing from it for good.



Sometimes we only know how much we value something/someone when it’s gone. How can we come to this recognition before it comes to that point?


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