10 Things To Do at The Beginning of Each Month

It’s a new moon and with it an opportunity to regroup, take inventory, and prepare for the coming month. Here are 10 minimalist habits to implement in your life as a starting-off point and fresh slate every month.

First comes cleaning mode….

1. Empty all purses, backpacks, gym bags, and pockets. 

It’s easy for clutter (papers, receipts, smelly socks, and junk) to collect, get lost and forgotten, and build up in these everyday-use items.


2. Clean out your refrigerator, freezer, cabinets, and pantry.

Go through all those back corners and shelves to get rid of any unused or out-of-date foods.


3. Do a food inventory and a staples shopping trip.

Plan ahead. Write up a shopping list of house must-haves that are low or missing and do a big staples shopping trip.

If you haven’t been happy with your fooding this past month, try planning a few menus, check in on seasonal foods, and add a few planned grocery trips in for the coming weeks.


4. Clear out your digital space.

Zero out your inbox. Answer all pending messages you’ve been meaning to get to eventually.

Clear your inbox (this means delete/trash) of what’s no longer needed. It’s a big one, I know. Why do we hang on to all those old emails? ‘Just in case’ is not usually a good reason to hoard. Giving yourself a fresh slate does wonders for mental space. Remember that physical clutter equals mental clutter.

Go through your phone. Upload and then delete photos. Get rid of videos and messages your don’t need.


5. Give your home a deep cleaning.

You deserve the fresh start.

Also remember to wash your sheets. Do you even know when the last time you changed them was?


Then comes planning mode….

Where are you headed? What would you like to head toward?

6. Update your calendar.

Schedule in your appointments for the month, lunch dates, birthdays, and holidays. Very importantly, make sure to schedule in a ‘me’ day as well.

Make plans with your family and friends for the coming weeks.


7. Re-assess and plan your budget.

Check in on what your long term budget goals are and monthly expenses will be. Plan and arrange accordingly.

Schedule your bills, whether setting them to automatically get paid online or by putting them into your calendar. Avoid incurring late fees, and have a sure-fire way to get them done.


8. Create a pending/to-do list.

Of all the major and minor things you need to take care of this month, listed by importance and priority.


9. Check in on your Body/Mind/Spirit.

How’s your body doing? How are your mental, emotional, and spiritual realms faring? Are there new practices you need more consciousness implementing of this month? Old ones that need reinforcement? What can you do to serve your core needs and care for yourself better this month?


10. Plan your goals.

Meditate and plan out your monthly goals. Put your intentions down in writing. Envision yourself seeing them through.

If no immediate goals come to mind, consider taking on a 30 day challenge , choose a book to read this month, or search out ways of breaking down large goals into smaller ones to bite-size it for yourself.


Happy and blessed New Moon friends!!!





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