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#3. How to create your own uniform

What IS the uniform?

A strong daily statement to reflect your personality and lifestyle.


Why We All Need A Style Uniform

In the endless cycle of fashion fads and seasonal trends, a signature look is like a breath of fresh air. It oozes confidence, individuality, and personality. It tells us that the wearer has a strong personal style and is not afraid to flaunt it.

Thelifestyle-files.com on Minimalist Fashion Tips: The Style Uniform


[For those of you who have been asking, I’m happy to present…]

10 steps toward creating your own uniform


Part A: Finding your style

1) Start by cleaning out your closet.

Leave behind only what feels good and suits your personal style.

2) Make comfort a top priority.

The items your choose need to be comfortable enough to wear throughout your day, every day, no complaints. This is important.

Which silhouette/cuts/items are you most drawn to? Which ones feel the best on your body?

3) Write down 4 or 5 core outfits you always come back to in your wardrobe.

What are your favorite outfits? What actually gets worn in your closet? Your favorite clothing will be your uniform base. This is what you’ll build on.

4) Don’t be afraid to look for inspiration.

Who do you want to be like? What matches your ideal/current lifestyle?

(And I say ideal because having a vision and working toward building it is key to creating your own reality. On the other hand, make sure you’re not over-stepping the practicalities of where your life currently is and catering toward more immediate lifestyle wardrobe needs.)


Part B: Figuring out your wardrobe needs

5) Figure out your daily needs.

What’s your lifestyle like? What activities/requirements need to be incorporated? Is there a way to merge different needs into one outfit or will you need a handful of different uniforms to work with?


Part C: Begin building

6) Choose a color palette.

Which color palette runs through your existing wardrobe? Which colors are you most drawn to?

7) Find your staple.

This staple will be your key. This is the first thing you need.

It should be a versatile piece that feels very you and that shifts easily between different environments and social situations. Something that can work in an upscale venue and can then also be worn in a casual setting without feeling too dressed-up. (This rule holds true for the rest of your uniform pieces as well actually.)

For ex: this could be a pair of black jeans, which are versatile and shift easily between settings. Or a tunic or simple dress or a jacket/blazer that works well in your life and with your lifestyle.

8) Start small and build from there.

Begin adding to your staple item. Add other core items that follow the same hybrid versatility rules.

Choose pieces that transition through the seasons well. Pay attention to fabrics and layering options.

Choose items that are versatile and work well with each other. Ideally every item in your closet should look good together.

Remember: always skip on trends. Stick with what feels comfortable and with what looks good on you.

9) A little flexibility is great.

Once you’ve established your core, feel free to accessorize. Add in colors or variety through scarves, belts, hats, jewelry, or shoes. Play with textures, colors, and contrasts. Play with fabrics, cuts, and small details.

Having a uniform is not meant to bore you, but rather free you to express yourself in your strongest and truest way possible. Take advantage of your new freedom.

10) Wear with confidence.

For confidence is key to how you’re perceived and received.

And if you aren’t yet confident in your skin or in your new uniform…. fake it ’till you make it baby. It’s just like building any other muscle or skill. Let this be your confidence muscle; the more you flex it, the stronger it will get and the more natural it will begin to feel and become. YOU CAN DO THIS!



~ Uniform dressing doesn’t have to mean wearing the same outfit day in and day out, but rather that each look follows a similar theme, silhouette, or colour palette.

The principles of uniform dressing are pretty straightforward. Wear what looks good on you, what flatters your shape, and what reflects your personal style.”

Chatelaine.com on How To Create Your Own Signature Look


~ When you find something you like, buy multiples.

~ Be more mindful of how you shop.

“If you know you like something, try to figure out why. Are you happiest wearing pants? Are you happiest wearing dresses? We shop as a social thing; people forget the reason you shop is to wear the clothes, and it is not quite as intentional as it should be some of the time. I think I am more specific when I am shopping because of the uniform.” —Kate Young, stylist for Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz, Emilia Clarke, and Natalie Portman

Thecut.com on Tips to Find Your Own Chic, Easy Uniform


To conclude:

The idea of a uniform is to let YOU shine through, rather than the outfit you wear being  in the spotlight. We want you to be remembered rather than your dress, hat or jacket.

Find your liberation through uniform and let us know how it goes in the comments below. Enjoy and good luck!




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