Plant Medicine/Foraging, Radical Life Experiments

Hello? It’s Your Garden Plant Knocking


Plants speak if only we listen.”


I’ve heard tell of this over and over, read about it, wondered about it, but usually passed right by as too much of a skeptic to pay attention and practice the listening.

I’ve known that indigenous peoples learned their healing and ways around nature through listening. Through communicating with plants. But I always thought, well they were just wise. They KNEW things.

To try and listen to plants in today’s world, speak back, expect real information to come through other than what my imagination could conjure up, was a little far of a stretch to hold and believe. I wanted it to be true, don’t get me wrong, and so I’ve still held on conceptually, to the magic of the idea, to the depth and wonder, but been too afraid of reality disproving it to actually try.


Experimenting Out In The Field (pun for sure intended):

Behold, fear-crushing powers. Lately I decided to just chuck all the skepticism and radically believe. Wanting to further explore and inhabit the ancient wise medicine woman archetype, I’ve begun listening. The toes- have officially- been dipped in.

First to a pine tree on the mountainside I did march. Sat beneath it, open, still, silent, looking up and marveling at what I could see. So tall, so strong, it’s properties began unraveling and opening up in my mind.

Interesting, I thought. It felt good but I couldn’t separate out what had happened. Were those my thoughts or had I experienced the fabled plant-speech?


So the other day I tried once more. After reading The Secret Life of Plants where the author explains how the plants you care for become psychically connected to you (WHAT?!), regardless of distance, I had this idea that if plant-talk was real, and they spoke straight to the mind like I’d experienced with the pine, let me test it out with our garden plants. Spending time caring for and sharing space with them, theories proven true, would have linked us up.

And so it came to pass. Walking home one day I just began thinking about our squash. Picturing them, openly just holding them in my mind.

When THE SAME THING HAPPENED as with the pine. I suddenly had these little mind-movies open up in my head, TEACHING ME about life!! Little plant mind-movies with understood narration!! What on earth????

Our squash was teaching me about the life purpose of a plant; living to produce fruits/vegetables/medicine/etc. to sustain and nourish life on this planet. When it doesn’t get picked or used by humans/animals/critters, it returns to earth to give in another way, to provide the same level of nourishment to Mother Earth and allow her to continue the cycle of giving.

It was teaching this lesson as a simplified understanding of the base principle and purpose of the human being (and of all creatures truly); to sustain and nourish and help life in and around us thrive and blossom. [HOW is another discussion.]

What a way to answer and help me understand a ponderment of life I come back to time and time again.


Question for the people:

What are you doing to help this be a truth in your life? Are you nourishing yourself and others? Are you feeding life or are you feeding death in yourself and on this planet?



What a trip.

Try it out yourself today. Just once. Sit down with a tree or shrub or flower, and allow.

I’m just a little baby newbie at this but I’M totally blown away and in awe of this psychic plant speech that I’ve been ignoring for years. Maybe it’ll manifest differently in your mind and world, but I can guarantee it’ll be some sort of trippy bond and experience. I mean, talking to a plant… nothing will be regular.



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