Rainbow-land Hippies

Them Hippies

I was once in a place called rainbow-land,

there was no pot of gold.

Only naked hippies

with bums so proud and bold.


To and fro

those bums did go.

Quite the show

I’ll have you know.


They danced and pranced.

and bounced and jounced.

So squiggly, jiggly,

and all the more wiggly.


Some big,

some small,

some would stand,

some would fall.


Some were droopy

and floopy,

some scrimpy

and scrawny.


Some large, fat and brawny,

some deep brown and tawny.


They came in all colors

and shapeses and sizes,

but all in all

what I learned from this land is:


A bum is a bum

is a bum is a bum.

And each and every individual one

looks so very different

but is still just the same,

same as bums go

by the very same name.


These hippies,

these dippies,

got something I’d say,

although it ain’t shame,

at least not today.


Freedom to find,

no time for their woes.

They left that behind,

along with their clothes.


Feeling so good

all down to their toes,

they pranced about

as if to shout

so fair and loud,

that each was proud

to be doing their things

despite, in spite, (or perhaps in light),

of their grooves, dents,

their scratches and dings.


No fear, no care,

and nothing to wear.

What a place,

what a space,

so hard not to stare.


I was once in a place called rainbow-land,

no unicorns were there.

Only naked hippies

with bums so round and bare.


I was once in a place called rainbow-land,

oh the things that I did see.

So many smiling faces,

all happy to be free.



What is a Rainbow Gathering?

Rainbow Gatherings are temporary loosely knit communities of people who congregate annually in remote forests around the world for one or more weeks at a time[1] to enact a shared ideology[2] of peace, harmony, freedom, and respect.[3] Anyone is allowed to attend and participants refer to themselves as a “Rainbow Family“. The goal was to create what they believe is a more satisfying culture—free from consumerism, capitalism, and mass media—that’s nonhierarchical, furthers world peace, and serves as a model for reforms to mainstream society.



Find a gathering near you:


The above site is an incredible resource for all things Rainbow. The homepage has a list of other Rainbow sites, there are videos, photos, songs, and every resources you might need to find, link to, and explore Rainbow gatherings worldwide.

I especially encourage you to visit the above site’s gallery or google Rainbow Family/Rainbow Gathering photos yourself, to see and be inspired by some beautiful sisters and brothers living wild and free, in touch with the magic of life and living and being a child of Mama Earth.


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