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Calling All Earthlings

I just finished watching the documentary “Earthlings” and am so deeply moved and profoundly changed that I’m going to recommend it here, and to every human with open ears to hear this message that I might come across. Hello world! This is your sign from above. Tune in.

This is a movie by filmmaker Shaun Monson exposing the suffering endured by animals in factory farms, research labs, puppy mills, and more.

After watching JUST A LITTLE BIT of what goes on in these places, I feel horrified to be part of a species that perpetuates such senseless horror. I am nauseated to have taken part in such cruelty for so many years. #VeganForLife. Seriously. Education education education I say is our greatest weapon and tool for changing this world. And here’s a way to do that.

Now before you cringe and run away out of various measures of discomfort from my words and what some might classify as a very touchy subject, understand the following:


Ignorance is the speciesist’s first line of defense. [Speciesism involves the assignment of different values, rights, or special consideration to individuals solely on the basis of their species membership. ~Wikipedia]. Yet it is easily breached by anyone with the time and determination to find out the truth. Ignorance has prevailed so long only because people do not want to find out the truth.

Don’t tell me “you’ll spoil my dinner” is the usual reply to any attempt to tell someone just how that dinner was produced. Even people who are aware that the traditional family farm has been taken over by big business interests, that their clothes come from slaughtered cows, that their entertainment means the suffering and death of millions of animals, and that some questionable experiments go on in laboratories, still cling to a vague belief that conditions cannot be too bad or else the government or the animal welfare societies would have done something about it.

But, it is not the inability to find out what is going on, as much as a desire not to know about facts that may lie heavy on one’s conscience, that is responsible for this lack of awareness. After all, the victims of whatever it is that goes on in all these awful places are not members of one’s own group.”

~”Earthlings” movie excerpt


My eyes run with tears to be on a planet filled with so much terrible pain, and I feel obliged to share this eye-opening movie with everyone I have the possibility of reaching.

We CAN be a part of the change. We CAN be a part of the solution. And the first step is to overcome our discomfort and open our eyes to the reality of what’s going on, what we are unconsciously a part of supporting. I encourage you with all my heart, inviting you to open yours, to take a first step RIGHT NOW and switch out a ‘Netflix and chill’ night with this eye-opener of a movie.

Earthlings; Do your part.



“As long as there are slaughterhouses…. there will be battlefields.” ~Leo Tolstoy


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