8 Month Blogging Mark Check-In


Entering my 8th month of blogging, I’m feeling a need to redefine/define more clearly the direction and focus of my posts for the coming year. Here’s to that.


My WHY for writing this blog:

Upgrade my own life to its best possible version, and through that process help others do the same. Stay challenged and experimenting, and break down and share each piece of that journey so others can gain value and information for change and improvement in their own lives.


Who I’m writing for:

The truth-seeker looking to move into more conscious living, that needs the small steps mapped out and broken down, for help in creating and incorporating sustainable changes in doing, thinking, and being.


Overall focus of this blog:

Conscious natural living and awakening to the Spirit within.


Specific topics I intend to focus on and cover in the coming year (or two or three or four):

Beauty And Comfort, Clothing, Exercise, Food, Hygiene, Living With Nature, Morning Routines, Nighttime Routines, Quitting The Rat-Race, Self-Love, The Chemical-Free Home



I am nowhere near the organized life re-creation/revolutionary map I’d like to have going for this blog (I think that will take years to build), but I am beginning to discover the slowness and gentleness of watching this part of me and this outlet open up.

I’ve also been finding a profound appreciation for the sneakiness and beauty of blog post accumulation; given time.

I think the main thing to remember at this point is that I am in a state of constant success with this project through my fingers continuing to type up words eight months later. I keep showing up, I haven’t given up, and I’m still super passionate about this blog.

And IT’S STILL THE BEGINNING. I’m still a brand new baby in the blogisphere.

But when I do hit discouraging moments, and those moments come, this quote from SeanWes.com has been keeping me going (and it applies far and wide for entrepreneurial business ventures and projects everywhere):


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is all there is to be said about that.

A huge heart flowing thank you to all that have been here on this journey with me so far, supporting me, sharing my content, sharing their heart words and letting me know when a message hits home. Thank you for receiving me, for hearing me, for giving me so much valuable feedback. Thank you for the encouragement and love.

May you all be blessed.

Onward this journey shall flow!


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