Hello and welcome to the virtual Temple space of Sacred Roots Holistic Healing. This is a place to heal, a space of clearing, cleansing, clarifying, re-alignment, and (spi)ritual re-connection.

My name is Rut Brocha, translated in my indigenous tongue as Blessed Companion, reflecting my essence and my path. As a tribal daughter of Israel, a servant in the vibrant and sacred halls of the Temple of Infinite Loving Living Waters and Light, a student of the holy Torah texts and oral traditions, student of our ancient sages and wisdom holders, gate keepers, prophets, Kabbalists, medicine people, and poets, I strive hard to do my lineage justice and live a life in alignment and service; as blessed companion, guide, healer, friend, peaceful warrior, priestess, and conduit of Light to those I come in contact with.

Thank you for stopping by. I invite in and honor the light in you, and hope that you find something here that touches your heart and heals your soul. Feel free to reach out to me, for a friendly chat, to ask a question, share an opinion, silly story, tidbit of ancestral lore or intuitive wisdom, or simply to make the connect. I’m here to be of service, be a resource or guide, and hold space for you at whatever point in your journey you might find yourself.

May your way be clear, your path be gentle, your connections be comforting, your heart be light, and your soul overflow with the abundance of love and joy that is your birthright, essence and core.

Bless and be blessed.

Rut Brocha