10 Things To Do at The Beginning of Each Month

It's a new moon and with it an opportunity to regroup, take inventory, and prepare for the coming month. Here are 10 minimalist habits to implement in your life as a starting-off point and fresh slate every month.


#6. A last word; minimalism in other parts of our lives

I've seen people getting carried away with the idea of extreme minimalism. Living in this extremity may work for you; I'm not here to place any judgments. Whatever bakes your cake bro...

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#5. 100 items challenge; what my round-the-world, all-season, extreme minimalist wardrobe looks like

The Challenge: My aim: travel. Where to? Wherever the wind took me. The need: I wanted to go Turtle and fit my home on my back. Being a smaller human, the challenge would be to keep the weight limit down and my number of possessions minimal...