Radical Life Experiments

101 30-Day Challenges to Improve Your Life

I am so incredibly excited to share this EPIC list with you today! I've compiled 101 of my favorite 30 day challenges...

Plant Medicine/Foraging, Radical Life Experiments

Hello? It’s Your Garden Plant Knocking

"Plants speak if only we listen." I've heard tell of this over and over, read about it, wondered about it, but usually passed right by as too much of a skeptic to pay attention and practice the listening. To try and listen to plants in today's world, speak back, expect real information to come through other than what my imagination could conjure up...

Minimalism, Radical Life Experiments, Travel

#5. 100 items challenge; what my round-the-world, all-season, extreme minimalist wardrobe looks like

The Challenge: My aim: travel. Where to? Wherever the wind took me. The need: I wanted to go Turtle and fit my home on my back. Being a smaller human, the challenge would be to keep the weight limit down and my number of possessions minimal...