30 Day Cold Shower Challenge

30-day Cold Shower Challenge

After watching this interview with vine-famous Jerome Jarre back in 2014, I decided to take on the Cold Shower Challenge for myself and see what changes would occur in myself and my life as a result.

After finding incredible benefits and fabulous results the first time around, I did the challenge again last year, and now am going for round 3 to kickstart getting back into healthy habits and routine that keeps me feeling pumped, energetic, and ready to take on the world.


How to take on this challenge:

  1. Go into your shower stall
  2. Turn the water knob all the way to cold
  3. Step under the water and stay there for at least 5 minutes (making sure to have the water cascade over your upper back, shoulders, and full torso)
  4. Bonus points if you can stay there for 10

**To ease yourself into this challenge you might want to take a couple of days with lukewarm showers before you start.


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