90 Day Yoga Challenge

90 Day Yoga Challenge

This one’s a biggie for me. I’ve been sporadically teaching myself different yoga positions and stretches, with an on-again/off-again morning practice for years now, and for just as long I’ve been wanting to move into true yogic learning, learning from teachers, learning proper movements, and create a very regular daily practice for myself.

There’s no time like today, and so the moment has arrived to finally get on it and create some discipline and structure.

I found this great site which has a whole slew of free yoga classes online:


and will be following their various challenges, put together to fill out a 90 day sequence for my upcoming 90 Day Yoga Challenge.

Take on this challenge with me!

I invite and welcome you to join me in this challenge. It will begin ****November 1st, 2018**** but feel free to join in at any time.



  1. Set aside a sacred yoga space in your home or yard where you won’t be disturbed and can feel comfortable practicing
  2. Make a commitment to yourself and set a time for your daily practice
  3. Set an alarm and follow through

You deserve this! Give back to your body and spirit and show yourself some love through this me-time every day.

Namaste sweet friends and good luck!


***This challenge begins November 1st, 2018! Click the link HERE for your daily video.***


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